New Member Action Plan

Thank you for choosing a Medicare Advantage plan from UnitedHealthcare®. This New Member Action Plan will help you get off to a good start using your benefits and managing your health plan.

If you haven't registered online yet, you'll want to do so now. After you register, you'll be able to manage your health plan information quickly and easily.

New Member Action Plan

Start using your benefits

Start getting the most from your Medicare Advantage plan by completing the following steps:

Icon - Register Online

Register Online

Watch this short video to discover all the benefits of registering online.

Icon - Order Fitbit

Order your Fitbit Activity Tracker today

Now that your plan is effective, you can order and customize your new Fitbit device, choose from a new Fitbit Versa 2, Charge 3 or Inpsire HR.

Icon - Complete Assessment

Complete your health assessment

Answer a few health questions so we can suggest helpful resources. Answering these questions won't affect your benefits.

Icon - Preventative Care

Take advantage of your preventive care

Getting regular checkups and screenings may help prevent disease and help your doctor catch issues or illnesses early, when they may be more treatable.

  • Schedule your yearly UnitedHealthcare HouseCalls® visit

    You’ll get undivided attention from a health care practitioner in the privacy of your home.

  • Schedule your additional preventive care appointments

    Take advantage of preventive care that's included in your plan, such as your annual physical and wellness visit.

  • Download your Annual Care Checklist

    Download and print your Annual Checklist to keep for your records. You can use this checklist to plan your 2020 preventive care appointments and as a resource when you visit your doctor.

Icon - prescription

Fill your first prescription

  • Look up your drugs

    Make sure your drugs are covered and see what they will cost.

  • Sign up for home delivery

    Switch to home delivery from OptumRx® to have your maintenance medication delivered right to you, sometimes for less than a retail pharmacy.

  • Look up a pharmacy

    Find a network pharmacy near you.

Icon - Renew

Get the latest on healthier living with Renew by UnitedHealthcare

Renew's unique resources can help empower you to unlock your ever-growing potential for health and happiness with brain games, recipes, learning courses, fitness activities, videos and more.

Icon - How MA plans work

Learn more about how Medicare Advantage plans work

We'll help explain the details of your plan whether you're new to Medicare or need a refresher.

Icon - Get Care Quickly

We're here to help you get care quickly

Urgent care or Emergency Room? We'll help you get the care, tests and treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Manage your account

Help simplify your experience by managing your account details.

Icon - Explore Benefits

Explore your benefits and programs

Learn all about your benefits and programs and how to get the most from your plan.

Icon - Find Provider

Find a provider

When you need a doctor or hospital, use your ZIP code to search for a provider.

Icon - Make Payment

Set up automatic payments

Avoid missed payments by setting up automatic premium payments.

Icon - Autorized Representative

Add an authorized representative

Give someone you trust access to your account to help manage your plan.

Icon - Get Documents Online

Help simplify your life with online delivery

Securely access your documents online anytime, anywhere.

Icon - Get Action Plan

Get Your Action Plan

You can download and print a PDF version of this Action Plan to keep for your records and to check off the items as you complete them.

Icon - Get Help

Need help?